Woman bungee jumps to her death after thinking she’d been signaled to jump despite not being strapped to safety cord

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The shocking moment a bungee jumper without a safety cord fell to her death, after mistakenly thinking it was her time to leap, was captured on video.

Yecenia Morales, 25, reportedly leapt from the bridge in northern Colombia after hearing a signal meant for her boyfriend.

Around 100 people were waiting to bungee off a bridge at a height of around 45 meters when the incident occurred.

Yecenia was with her boyfriend, who was ahead of her in the line for the activity.

A bungee cord had not yet been fastened to her ankles when she heard a signal given for her partner to jump. Thinking the signal was for her, she jumped.

A video of the victim jumping from the bridge to her death was filmed by another tourist from a nearby cliff.

It is believed she suffered a fatal heart attack before she even hit the ground and was dead by the time emergency services arrived on the scene.

Her heartbroken boyfriend was the first to get to her and desperately tried giving her CPR.

He is reportedly receiving medical treatment for injuries sustained trying to reach her position in the valley and is said to be in a state of shock.

Gustavo Guzmán, the mayor of the municipality of Fredonia, Antioquia told El Tiempo: “She got confused. The signal was for the boyfriend to jump because he was already attached to the security equipment.

“They had only put the harness on her so she got confused and rushed.”

Yecenia was buried after a ceremony at Simón Bolívar neighbourhood in Medellín, where she lived with her family.

Her grieving brother, Andres Morales, said she loved to read and dance and was a happy woman.

“My sister is a girl with all the best values, happy, spontaneous, with virtues that made her love her friends, and helped the people in need,” he said.

Local authorities have opened an investigation after claims that two companies offering services and supplying equipment at the site were unauthorised to do so.

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