What allegedly happened between 2Face and Brymo – ‘There is no smoke without fire’

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Brymo, a well-known Nigerian singer, took to social media to criticize his fellow musician, 2face Idibia.
2face Idibia, according to Brymo, accused him of sleeping with his wife and sent thugs to beat him up.

His lengthy Twitter post drew numerous responses from Nigerian celebrities and fans across multiple social media platforms.

While many people think it’s fine for him to express his views and speak his mind, others believe he should have let sleeping dogs lie after keeping quiet for so long.

According to Charming Magazine, there is another ‘wife’ in the picture.
They claimed that the aforementioned wife was a mother.
Please read the following post:

According to reports, 2face Idibia secretly married one of his baby mamas without the knowledge of his wife, Annie.

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2face accused Brymo of sleeping with the aforementioned baby mama-turned-wife, but Brymo mistook him for referring to his ‘WIFE,’ Annie.

He also accused Brymo of informing Annie of his ongoing secret s3x life with the baby mama turned wife.

Brymo chose to confront 2face before Annie.
2 Face allegedly used thugs to beat him up so Annie wouldn’t find out he married another woman.”

According to recent news, Prince Jide Adeniyi, the father of one of 2face’s baby mamas, Pero, once claimed that 2face was actually married to his daughter.

In a video interview on Thursday, September 3, 2021, Annie Idibia called out her husband, his babymama, Pero Adeniyi, and his family members.

The video was resurfaced online after Annie Idibia called out her husband, his babymama, Pero Adeniyi, and his family members in a video interview two years ago.

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Pero Adeniyi’s father, in an interview with Asabe Afrika TV in 2019, discussed his daughter’s relationship with 2face Idibia, including how they met, fell in love, had children, and married.

He insists that 2face Idibia married Annie after previously marrying his daughter, despite the fact that she gave him his first three children.

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