Video of whiteman speaking Igbo to Nigerians in Dubai while marketing his clothes

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A hilarious and yet interesting video currently making rounds on social media shows a white man marketing clothes using Igbo language.

In the video, which is currently circulating online, about four Igbo men who probably wanted to buy some clothes approached him and were amazed to hear the white man speaking Igbo language.

Igbo speaking language is commonly used for by the South Eastern part of Nigeria, but surprisingly a white man was seen in a popular market promoting his clothing business in Igbo dialect.

When asked what part of Nigeria he’s from, he replied he’s from Anambra State, and what amazed the buyers more was when they asked him how much he was selling a particular shirt and he told them the amount in Igbo language.

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The video has sparked reactions on social media with many saying, he must have spent many years learning Igbo language, while some said his father may be from Anambra.

Watch the video below:

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