Taliban warns US against further intervention in Afghanistan after seizing 3 capitals in 3 days

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The Taliban has warned the United States against further intervention in Afghanistan, a Taliban spokesperson told news network Al Jazeera Arabic on Sunday, August 8, just after the militant group seized control of three provincial capitals within days of each other.

Wardak warned the US against further intervention, and blamed the Afghan government for starting the recent fighting.

“The Afghani government is the one who chose to start the war in different provinces,” said Wardak. The measures that (the) Taliban took were in response and reaction to the government attacks and actions.”

Muhammad Naeem Wardak, the spokesman for the Taliban also said there is no ceasefire agreement with the Afghan government being negotiated.

The latest capture on Sunday of Kunduz, a strategically important provincial capital in northern Afghanistan, is one of a string of victories for the Taliban as foreign forces, led by the US, complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It all started after provincial capital Zaranj, near the Iranian border, fell into Taliban control on Friday; the next day, the insurgents seized the provincial capital Sherberghan, near the border of Turkmenistan. On Sunday, Taliban then took over the city of Sar-e-Pul, and Kunduz with fears that the nation’s capital, Kabul, could fall next.

In the past week, the US has increased airstrikes against Taliban positions in a bid to halt their spiraling advances.

In response to the attacks, the Taliban accused the US of bombing a hospital and a high school, along with other civilian targets in Helmand Province.

“US forces have conducted several airstrikes in defense of our Afghan partners in recent days,” Maj. Nicole Ferrara, a US Central Command spokesperson, said to CNN on Sunday.

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