See reactions after woman ‘Rofiah Salako’ shoots her shot at man ‘Ayomide Salako’ bearing same surname as her on Twitter

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See reactions after woman shoots her shot at man bearing same surname as her on Twitter.

A woman boldly indicated interest in dating a Twitter user who bears the same surname as her.

A cloud engineer named Ayomide Salako tweeted a response to a Tweet shared by a popular Twitter influencer and a woman named Rofiah Salako went under his response to shoot her shot.

She tweeted:

“Since you are having my surname already. I think, its of great opportunity for me not to change my surname again. If a chemistry can occur between us. or what do you think?”

The man responded:

“Feel free to DM.”

The tweets have gone viral with Nigerians already planning their wedding for them in the replies.

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