Rick Ross reveals how he lost 75 Lbs

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According to Rick Ross, he was advised by his doctor in 2011 after he recovered from the seizure that he should lose weight to save his life/. Rick Ross who used to weigh 350 lbs slept for only three hours every night.

Rick Ross thought he was enjoying life and had it all until he suffered two seizures within six hours in 2011. This caused his private jet which was flying him to make an emergency landing two times.

This was because on the two occasions where Rick Ross suffered the seizure, he in his private jet. Rick Ross however decided to bow to pressure from his doctor and changed his eating habits and exercise to save his life which made him lose 75 lbs

“I’m cheerful,” he discloses to Men’s Health in its September issue, on newspaper kiosks now. “I’m actually getting thinner, and now I’m beginning to construct hard muscle in places.”
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“The way into Ross’ weight misfortune was taking things moderately, as opposed to attempting convenient solutions that wouldn’t stick. “In the event that I quit every one of the things I cherished out of the blue, I realized it would just be so some time before I returned to my old ways,” he says.

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