Revenue collector strangles relative to avoid paying the N100,000 he borrowed

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Ifeanyi Ezinwa Paul, 29, a village revenue collector, has informed police that he murdered his 19-year-old kinsman, Victor Ebuka, in order to prevent repaying the N100,000 loan he obtained from the boy some time earlier.

Narrating how he met Ebuka, Paul, who is married with three children, said that sometime in December 2020, he met Ebuka to borrow money from him with the agreement to repay him on January 10, 2021.

However, his failure to repay the loan prompted him to consider murdering Ebuka.

“I am married with three children. I dropped out of secondary school at SS2, months after my father died. I learnt how to drive and started driving commercial buses. It was not easy for me.
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Two years ago, my kinsmen invited me to come and work for the community. My duty was to serve as a revenue collector for the elderly men in the community.

We have market days, and everyone was expected to drop a certain amount of money. It was going well, but I became greedy and spent part of the money I had collected on behalf of the community.

I knew I would lose my job if anyone noticed the shortage. It was out of desperation that I approached Ebuka, who owns a provision store in our village. He was my relative and we are from the same kindred in Umuleri.

We are from the same kindred in Umuleri. I borrowed N100,000 from him in December 2020 and promised to pay back on January 10. I could not meet up with the deadline and he kept disturbing me and threatened to report me to the Igwe, our king.

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I made up my mind to silence him. I bought a loaf of bread and hid a sharp knife in it. I called him to meet me at Aguleri junction around 8pm. He came with an okada man and I asked the rider to go.”he said

Paul said that he was injured while attempting to kill Ebuka, but he overpowered the deceased and killed him. He said he went to the palace to inform the king that he had been attacked by criminals and was being treated in a hospital.

However, the following day, the body of his victim was found, leading to his capture by the police.

‘‘I maintained that we were attacked, and that I narrowly escaped. When my wife and family members visited, I insisted that I was innocent. After I was moved to IRT, I had no choice but to confess. I cannot explain the devil that entered my head. I don’t know what to tell my family and kindred. They should all forgive me. What happened was the handiwork of the devil” he added

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