NVIDIA GeForce Now officially gets support for Chrome browser on Windows 10

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NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming platform has been available through the browser for a while now since it launched on Chromebooks and more recently on iOS. Officially, on Windows 10, you’ve needed to use the desktop app, though a bit of browser trickery proved successful. That’s no longer required as GeForce Now is officially supported now in Google Chrome on Windows 10 and on macOS.

“In 2.0.27 we are adding beta support for the Google Chrome browser, which will enable millions more prospective new PC gamers to easily play the latest games on Windows and macOS. (ChromeOS is already supported.) Other platforms may work, but are unsupported.”

Edge users might be licking their lips at this since usually Chrome support for something means it’ll work in the newest version of Microsoft’s browser. Sadly, this isn’t the case, and official support for Edge is still missing at this time.

In most cases the web app is just the same to use as the desktop app and can even be installed as a PWA. The desktop app still has a few more features on tap, but it’s one less thing to install at least.

Also new with the expanded Chrome support it’s now easier to share games with friends through social media, as well as an easy way to create bookmarks and desktop shortcuts to your favorite games for quicker access.

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