Nollywood actor Uche Odoputa was imprisoned for drug trafficking 13 years ago, see recent unrecognizable photos of him

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The career of Nollywood actor, Uche Odoputa took a turn after he was nabbed in 2007 for trafficking drugs and was imprisoned for two years and three weeks.

According to his narration, Uche revealed that his London friends deceived him that he would be able to get loads of money if he is victorious in smuggling drugs.

Regrettably, he said;

“I regret my actions. I was a growing brand and a lot of people were angered by my action. I was disappointed in myself. I thank God I came out of prison a changed person,”

Currently, Uche Odoputa is having his peaceful life as he has changed to the best version of himself.

See recent photos of him;

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