Nigerian man accuses his Nigerian wife of rendering him homeless in the UK

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A Nigerian man living in the UK with his wife, who is also Nigerian, has released a video saying he has nowhere to go after his wife’s abusive behavior caused him to leave home.

He claimed he’s been a slave in his home for years, does the cleaning, pays the mortgage, yet the wife abuses him at will.

He narrated the event that led to him leaving. He said he just returned from work when his wife started abusing him again then called the police on him. He said he called the police too and when they arrived, they concluded his wife was lying and they asked him to leave the house.

With his “Ghana-must-go” bags, and TV, the man stood outside his house waiting for a cab. He showed the world the address of the home he’s leaving and said he currently has nowhere else to go but he’s happy to be “free” from his wife.

Opinions have been divided since he recorded the video on October 14th and shared it.

Some allege the woman who chased him out of the house is his third wife. It is also alleged that he has three kids with his first wife but abandoned them.

A number of people are calling out the man’s wife, threatening to circulate her photo, and asking her to give her side of the story.

Meanwhile, Victoria Inyama has accused the man of being a narcissist who only gives half-truths to make himself look like the victim.

She commented on the video, writing:

“Narcissist… Typical Narcissist. I always know half truths when I hear one. Narcissists are Oscar award winners at playing victims… Be very careful with a narcissist.”


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