Nigerian Army seeks foundation documents for effective Joint Operations

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Nigerian Army seeks foundation documents for effective Joint Operations.

The Nigeria Army has called for Foundation Documents as a means of achieving a laudable inter agencies joint operations.

It stressed that the docu­ments will further enhance the activities of the officers in any given joint task oper­ations, as the documents will help in providing the core duty of each security per­sonnel that are responsible for such operation.

Speaking at the 2 Division Nigeria Army, Auditorium of Adekunle Fajuyi Canton­ment, Ojoo Ibadan, the Gar­rison Commanding Officer, of 2 Div. Nigeria Army, Maj. General. Anthony Omozoje, in his opening remarks of the 4-day training, main­tained that there should be a Foundation Documents for inter-agency operations.

The four-day event, which was declared opened on Mon­day 16th November 2020, by Maj. Gen. Anthony Omozoje, with the theme: ‘Enhancing Operational Level Training For All Nigerian Army Ac­tivities,’ features sessions of lectures with various top­ics from different resource persons selected from sister security agencies, such as the DSS, Nigeria Army, the Nigeria Police Force, also had in attendance the representa­tives of the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigeria Correc­tional Service Officers, the Nigeria Customs Officers, the Federal Road Safety Corps Officers, The Nige­ria Drug Law Enforcement Agency, the Nigeria Air Force among others.

Maj. Gen. Omozoje, in his analysis stressed the need for a foundation documents for all the security inter-agency in a joint task operation, not­ed that such documents will have in its contents the aims, objectives, and roles of each agencies clearly stated to avoid conflict of superiority among the officers.

According to Omozoje, the foundation documents, if ad­opted will express the details of who gives the order, who takes the charge, whenever there is inter agency’s oper­ations.

“Normally we all know that it’s the duty of the Cus­toms Officers to secure our borders, but we all works together in our borders to secure it from external ag­gressors, but we should know that border is the main con­stituency of our sister agency which are the Customs. This foundation documents I men­tioned earlier will go a long way in addressing our roles in any given inter-agencies operations, and all our ranks and files Officers will also key into the system, this I think will further boost our work­ing synergies.

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