Nelli Tembe was killed and AKA is aware – Twitter users alleges

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A Twitter user identified as Preshie has made a serious comment on her page concerning the death of the girlfriend of award-winning rapper Kiernan Forbes well known as AKA, Nelli Tembe.

The news of the death o Nelli Tembe took many social media unaware as it came as a shock to many. The death of Nelli Tembe happened on the weekend. The former couple was said to be very happy together as they got engaged with each other not too long ago.

Social media users were shocked after the real cause of death and how Nelli Tembe died. According to reports, the fiancee of AKA, Nelli Tembe jumped from the 10th floor in a hotel in cape town. It was also reported that Nelli Tembe was going through depression hence her actions of committing homicide.

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However, a new turn to the story has popped up on the internet a few days after the death of Nelli Tembe. According to the Twitter user who has been warning AKA about his relationship with Nelli, she disclosed that Nelli was killed and not because she committed homicide out of depression.

Preshie says Nelli Tember was killed by a spirit because she needed to accomplish certain duties in the dark world. She described Nelli as a demon and disclose that AKA is aware of what killed Neli.

“Nelli Tembe was killed because of certain duties that needed to be accomplished in the dark Kingdom. AKA is aware of what killed Nelli. She’s now a demon. She will not be able to enter the kingdom of God. She’s about to wait in Hades for judgment day.”

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