Meet physically challenged man ‘Abraham Lucky Onoja’ with great talent (Photos)

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A paraplegic man has wowed social media users with his works regardless of his condition and predicament. He has gone the extreme lengths to use his natural talent to make eye-catching footwear for the public.

Photos which surfaced online have gone viral and social media can’t just enough of it. On Facebook, a man called Perci Mensah shared the photo of the man together with his handy works. According to him, the paraplegic man is called Abrahamlucky Onoja, who isn’t allowing his disability stop him from his creativity as well as feed ing his family.

He called on social media users to give their earnest support, encouragement and care to him to keep his live going.

In his words, he said:

“Disability isn’t inability. “The man in the pictures below is by name Abrahamlucky Onoja, a Nigerian family man who isn’t allowing disability to stop him from creativity, and fending for his family. There are more like him in the world and they need our support, encouragement and care to keep their lives going.”

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