Man explains how his stolen phone was bought in Niger republic after 2 years (Photos)

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A Nigerian man whose phone was stolen 2 years ago recently discovered that the phone was sold to someone in Niger republic.

According to him;

This morning I received from Niger “ hi you lost your phone redmi note 7 and i found it i’m in niger “. I was surprised when I saw the message. Though I couldn’t remember the precise date they stole this Redmi Xiaomi in my room at night, when I woke up I couldn’t find my phone again, I try to call it but it was switched off. Then I realized my phone has been stolen.

He added;

I went to Ikorodu police station to report the case, the outrageous amount they charged, made me decision to leave the phone. Instead of paying 40k to track the phone which I have no grantee of getting back.
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I went back home very sad. As I was thinking about the stolen phone, my friend came to check me, then I collected his phone and log in to my mi account. I locked everything lockable from the mi account.

Since the year 2020 I didn’t hear anything until this morning, apparently I have even forget the phone cus I got a big phone after waiting 5 months. I was so surprised when the guy chat me and also send me the phone picture. The reason why I post this is that if you’re using Redmi xiaomi phone always make sure you activate the mi account. D thing secured die, they flashed it and the phone is still locked.

See screenshots of their conversation below…

He asks for advice whether to give the code to the guy or not.

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