Lady kneels down to accept as her man proposes standing (Video)

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A Lady kneels down to accept as her man proposes standing. The video circulating on social media captures the moment the lady defied societal norm and went down on her knees while her lover proposed to her.

The man who was ready to take their relationship to the next level, brought out a ring to engage her while standing and on seeing the ring, she got down on her knees and stretched out her hand for the ring to be slip into her finger.

The proposal scene happened much to the amazement of on-lookers. Social media users have also reacted by expressing varying opinions on the method of proposal.

While some share the sentiment that it is improper for a lady to go down on her knees as her fiance proposes to her, others feel she is only being a submissive and humble woman.

Watch the video below;

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