‘I’m pregnant for my husband so how can I leave him? Chacha Eke makes a sharp u-turn (video)

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At this juncture, it’s safe to say we have to give actress Chacha Eke the benefit of the doubt after she claimed not too long ago that it was a bipolar disorder that triggered her earlier video in which she announced the crash of her marriage on social media.

The actress has released another fresh video saying she won’t leave her husband for anything because she’s pregnant for him. Chacha Eke claimed whatever happened was triggered by ‘pregnancy syndrome’ and her bipolar disorder which doctors found out moments after her first video in which she said she was walking out of her 7-year old marriage.

She said;

I heard myself saying crazy things like I am leaving my husband. I am not leaving my husband, I will never leave my husband and my children, and my home.

My family, having a home, being Mrs. Faani, and mother to the beautiful children God has given me is too much blessings to take for granted. And so, I say this to as many as are out there, I didn’t leave my home and I am not leaving.

Watch the video below…


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