“I collaborated with Adekunle Gold and I was almost killed for it” – Sola Allison

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Sola Allison, a well-known gospel music singers in Nigeria, revealed how working with Adekunle Gold almost ruined her career.

In a recent interview, the singer revealed how she gets her musical inspiration in a recent interview. The famous Christian singer discussed how she was chastised for collaborating with Adekunle Gold, the frontman of the 79th element.

Her audience chastised her for her association with the secular artist, she said.

Speaking during the session, Allison said;

I collaborated with Adekunle Gold and I was almost killed for it. I enjoyed the experience and I am going to do it with anybody whose music is compatible with mine.

Yes, I recall, I collaborated with Adekunle God because he sings in Yoruba, his mode of delivery and the things that he sings about not breast and bum bum.”

She continued;

We need to question a lot of things, we believe that somebody cannot do clean good music until they wear the emblem of “I’m a born again Christian.”

Even if we want to narrow it down to Christianity, Jesus said go ye into the world not go ye into Christians alone, he didn’t say go ye into the church.

What is the problem if I say I am a Christian but I want to sing like this, why should I be put in a box with my gift?

We need to start questioning the things that we know.

Please what is the difference between saying “I am a child of light and I am a child of God”?”

Her concluding statement reads;

But because you expect me to say it the same way you say yours, then we have issues.

If you knew your father very well and you hear your father being mentioned even when his name is not mentioned, if your spirit is open, you should know that this person is actually talking about your father.

I am open to collaborations but it has to be based on the direction I get.”

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