HUGE tiger snake found curled inside a toilet bowl in a popular Melbourne restaurant

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A large tiger snake has been found curled inside the back toilet of a popular restaurant in Melbourne.

Snake catcher Raymond Hoser was called to catch the huge 1.5metre male reptile on Tuesday.

The snake was hiding inside the bowl of the toilet behind restaurants on Yarra Street in Warrandyte.

Mr Hoser said the group of shops back onto a river and he is called out every year when the snakes come out of hibernation to enjoy the warm weather.

Snake catcher, Raymond Hoser (pictured)
Snake catcher, Raymond Hoser (pictured)

‘Tiger snakes climb enough to confuse things which means it could have come from anywhere,’ said Mr Hoser.

The reptile was taken to the local state park in Warrandyte and was set free at least 500 metres from the nearest house.

‘Releasing is the hard part, we have to let them go within 5km of where we find them and we want to do that as far away from houses as possible,’ he explained.

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