Here are 20 World Currencies lower than Nigerian Naira

Nigerian currency notes
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Here are 20 World Currencies lower than Nigerian Naira.

Many Nigerians think the Naira is a low standard Currency that doesn’t have any superiority over other currencies around the world.

Funny enough, there are lots of countries which have countries far less than the Nigerian Naira. When you Contrast Naira and US dollars, the Nigerian Naira is very low yet something a considerable lot of us don’t have an idea about is that, it likewise goes the other way for other Currencies of the world, whose Currency standards are lower than Nigeria’s Naira.

Below is are 20 world currencies which Sociend Media discovered are lower than the Nigerian Naira;

  • Burundian Franc (Burundi) 1Naira = 5.11. BIF
  • Colombian Peso (Colombia) 1Naira = 9.57 COP
  • Guinean Franc(Guinea Conakry) 1Naira = 25.72 GNF
Guinea Franc
  • Indonesian Rupiah (Indonesia) 1Naira = 37.21 IDR
  • Iraqi Dinar (Iraq) 1Naira = 3.14 IQD
  • Iranian Rial (Iran) 1Naira = 110.95 IRR
IRAN 100_Rials
  • Cambodian Riel (Cambodia) 1Naira = 10.72 KHR
  • Laotian Kip (Laos) 1Naira = 24.45 LAK
  • Lebanese Pound (Lebanon) 1Naira = 3.98 LBP
  • Malagasy Ariary(Madagascar) 1Naira = 10.24 MGA
  • Burmese Kyat (Burma) 1Naira = 3.41 MMK
Burmese Kyat
  • Vietnamese Dong (Vietnam) 1Naira = 61.07 VND
  • Paraguayan Guarani (Paraguay) 1Naira = 18.51 PYG
  • Rwandan Franc (Rwanda) 1Naira = 2.59 RWF
  • Sao Tomean Dobra (Sao Tome) 1Naira = 55.44 STD
Sao Tome and Principe money
  • Sierra Leonean Leone(Sierra Leon) 1Naira = 26.35 SIL
Sierra Leone currency
  • South Korean Won(South Korea) 1Naira = 2.94 KRW
South Korea currency
  • Tanzanian Shilling(Tanzania) 1Naira = 6.11 TZS
  • Ugandan Shilling (Uganda) 1Naira = 9.75 UGX
Ugandan Shillings
  • Uzbekistani Som (Uzbekistan) 1Naira =27.35 UZS
Uzbekistan currency note

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