David Beckham poses in bright designer swimming trunks to prove he’s still taller than 18-year-old son Romeo

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DAVID Beckham stripped to some very loud swimming trunks in a desperate bid to prove he’s still taller than son Romeo.

The 45-year-old footie legend admitted he was having a hard time accepting that his second child is all grown up after his 18th birthday yesterday.

Taking to his Instagram Story, 5’11” David shared a photo of himself and Romeo standing face to face, both in their swimwear.

In the first snap, both men are smiling, with David putting his hand on his son’s shoulder while looking down at their feet.

Some of David’s impressive tattoos are on display, with the hunk also teasing a glimpse at his tan line with the waistband of his trunks low enough to flash his natural skin tone.

The ex-England ace wrote: “Me just trying to prove I’m still taller @RomeoBeckham.”

David Beckham is struggling to accept that Romeo is taller than him
David Beckham is struggling to accept that Romeo is taller than him

In the second image, David is looking up – with he and Romeo appearing to be the same height.

This photo was captioned: “I mean, it’s pretty damn close – come on!”

David had mentioned his struggle to accept Romeo’s adult age in his gushing birthday tribute, sharing a video with countless unseen snaps of his lad over the years.

He wrote alongside the post: “Happy 18th to my little man ( or not so little anymore ) 🤨 You have grown into the most beautiful person and that as you say yourself ( a man finally ) 🤔.

“We love you so much never give up on your dreams & goals , ♥️ this shows from day one in my arms with the song you were born to up until our latest moment where yes, I had to finally admit my son is taller than me 😩”.

The former footballer is 5'11''

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