‘Buhari is the one encouraging the Nnamdi Kanus, the Sunday Igbohos’ – Afenifere leader, Ayo Adebanjo

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Leader of Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo has said that if Nigeria is not restructured, the country would disintegrate. He also opined that the country’s leader, Muhammadu Buhari is to blame for the emergence of secessionists.

In an interview published Saturday, October 2, he stated that the presidency must come to the South in 2023, insisting that the North cannot always have its way in matters of national discourse.

His remarks come after the Northern governors and traditional rulers stated recently that they are not in full support of the Southern governors who canvassed for rotation of the presidency.

When asked the implication of what the Northern elders said, Adebanjo said;

“It means that they want us to live in Nigeria on their own terms, where they will be the rider and we will the horse, and they want others to be the underdog.” He said to Sunnewsonlime.

” I have said it before and I repeat, most of the Fulani people are not honest, particularly those of Buhari’s school of thought. We are going to resist it and they will see.”

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“It is the breakup of the country, that’s all. I have said it severally, either you restructure the country to federalism, where everybody is an equal partner, or it will be ‘to thy tents O Israel’; whereby the country fragments and everyone goes his way to mind his or her business. Who will accept to be an underdog?

“And that is why Buhari has refused to do anything to change this constitution. I have been telling him, if you are honest, change this constitution, which was made without the consent of the people. You loaded everything against the South and you want it to continue.

“When you came in as military ruler, you made your laws and later, your people made a constitution and changed all the things that our founding fathers agreed to before independence. I have said, if that is difficult for you, let’s sit and agree on how to move forward because we can’t continue on the condition you imposed on us.”

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” It is the hypocrites pressmen and hypocrites Yoruba who pretend not to know what is happening.”

“The North knows what they are doing. All the times we have been saying, we don’t want this constitution because it is oppressive and one sided. Is it not a strong statement for the president to come and disabuse our minds? But he is not bothered. I’m a full advocate of restructuring, and I don’t want secession.”

” I want cooperation and the president hasn’t invited those of us talking about restructuring to hear what we are talking about if he claims he doesn’t understand what it means, but he wants to continuously force the constitution on us because all the paraphernalia of security is in his hands under the constitution.”

“The Fulani controls the army, Navy, Air Force, police, DSS, Customs, Immigration because the constitution is in his hands. It will not work. If he likes, let him kill everybody in the South; it can’t succeed.”

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“The president wants to disunite and dislocate Nigeria by still allowing this constitution that is contrary to the agreement reached by the founding fathers for everybody to live together. This time that the Northern governors were meeting, all their traditional rulers were there.”

“This is how they are ganging up, and I refer you to what Ango Abdullahi said in 2014 before the election, ‘that it is their turn and when we have it, we have it for keeps.’ I have published it and he has not denied it. Buhari is only acting a script agreed to by the minority Fulani who are ruling the country and those of us who are opposing it, they say we want to secede. That is balderdash.”

“I have said it and I’m saying it again that Buhari is the number one enemy of Nigeria, for refusing to restructure the country, and he is the one encouraging the Nnamdi Kanus, the Sunday Igbohos.”

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