BREAKING: Linking of SIM card with NIN to be cancelled soon

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The connecting of SIM cards with NIN is about to be canceled, according to two sources who have reached out to our media outlet.

The cancellation comes after Isa Pantami, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, was accused of having links to Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda.

The Federal Government of Nigeria had previously stated that linking SIM cards to NIN (National Identification Number) is necessary and mandatory for all Nigerian people.

According to the first source, he wants to cancel the linking of SIMs with NINs in order to make Nigerians happy and forget about the question of Isa Pantami’s connection to terrorist organisations. According to the source, NIN will only be needed for those who begin purchasing new SIM cards on Monday.

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“Due to the attacks he’s been getting on social media, Isa Pantami is about to make the linking of SIM cards with NIN no longer mandatory. In the same way as SIM card registration was unexpectedly revealed, SIM card connecting will be unexpectedly cancelled, but it will be done in a cunny manner ” the first source said.

The second source says the telecommunications in Nigeria are currently feeling the heat of losing many customers when SIMs are eventually blocked (those who didn’t link theirs).
The second source says,
“The telecommunications in Nigeria are gradually feeling the heat of losing numerous customers from these linking of SIM cards with NINs. The panic amongst the telecoms is too much.” 

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