Being a woman has paved a lot of ways for me – Bobrisky (Video)

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Crossdresser Bobrisky has disclosed that he wants to become a woman so badly because being a woman has paved a lot of ways for him that his original gender couldn’t.

Bobrisky has been trying her best to become a woman despite being born a man and speaking in an interview, she said the reason why she wanted to be a woman was the opportunities that he would get as compared to when he was a man.

According to her, being a woman as he is right now has paved a lot of ways for him that he didn’t get when he was a man, and that influence his decision of wanting to be a woman at all cost, and that explains most of his surgeries.

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Bobrisky then added that a lot of women don’t know how powerful they are and even though some use their resources so well, others don’t make very good use of it but she is trying everything possible in her means to make very good use of it.

Bobrisky thinks as a woman there are so many advantages that could pave a lot of ways for you as compared to being a woman and giving an example he said he was regarded as a servant when he was a man but now that he has money, he’s respected.

Bobrisky has claimed that to her money is everything because when he was a guy and had no money, he wasn’t respected but the moment he changed to a woman and has money now, people are respecting her and that’s paving a lot of ways for her too.

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