BB Naija 2020: Video of Kiddwaya telling Ozo to warn Nengi ”If She Was A Guy, I Would Beat Her Up.”

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This morning, Nengi was seen playing with Kiddwaya while he was on bed. They talked and played and eventually at some point Kiddwaya didn’t like what Nengi was doing as he warns her when she kept hitting him with an empty bottle water and threw it at him.

Nengi had thrown a plastic bottle at Kiddwaya and apparently, he didn’t find it funny, so he reported to Ozo, who is romantically interested in Nengi.

I’m sick of you,” Nengi said as she threw the bottle at Kidd.

Speaking to Ozo, Kiddwaya asked him to warn Nengi to avoid him. He added that he’d have beaten her up if she were a boy.

If that was a boy, I’d have f**king broken his nose. If that was a guy, I’d have f**king beat him up,” Kiddwaya told Ozo in anger after Nengi threw the bottle at him as he lay on his bed.

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Make sure she avoids me,” Kiddwaya added.

Ozo replied, telling Kiddwaya, “It’s you and her since day one; since we came here.

But Kidd replied: “No no, e no reach now. Does she know who the f**k I am? How can she be standing there throwing the bottle how many times? Can she try that outside?

See video below…

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